5 reasons you need High Quality Customer Service

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

You must always be committed to offer high quality customer service to your customers.

Be obsessed with it.

And make sure that your staff is obsessed as well.

This will make you successful and will beat the competition. It is basic, that’s why it can be challenging sometimes.

The first step to upgrade your customer service levels is to understand why it is important for you, your business, your staff and basically for your customers.

1. Your business profits will increase

When you offer high quality customer service, this will result in high customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers will return to your business, will spend more and more every time they visit you because they trust you, will bring more people with them in their visits and they will definitely advertise your business to others, because they feel confident that they will receive equal levels of satisfaction as well.

Customer satisfaction through high quality customer service is like a “virus” which spreads rapidly between the customers, make sure you get the “virus” in your business and spread it to your customers.

At the end of the day, we are all in this business to make money, as much as possible, with the most effective way.

2. Every customer is expecting it at all times

Think about yourself; every product you buy, every service you use, you always expect great customer service from the company you choose for your needs. If you are not satisfied with their service levels, you will eventually stop using them.

It’s exactly the same with your customers. They expect great customer service from your business at all times. They don’t really care if you are short-staffed that particular day or if you had a bad day back home or the supplier was not on time.

They expect to receive the best customer service no matter what and if you are not able to provide it for them, guess what; they will use the business at the opposite side of the street where they know that their expectations were met last time they were there.

3. Customer loyalty will save you money

Always remember this: attracting new customers costs more than retaining existing customers.

To attract new customers, you need a number of things, like marketing, adverts, social media, word of mouth, promotions, offers, etc. And when you manage to make them choose you, it will take time until they trust you so they can feel confident enough to spend bigger amounts of money in your business.

This will not happen if you retain your customers through quality customer service. Loyal customers become lifelong customers and it’s a fact that they spend more than the new customers.

On top of that, you will save form all the expenses I mentioned above for attracting new customers. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

4. It boosts your Brand Image

Your business is a brand and this is how your customers are seeing it. As a brand it has an image to their eyes.

If your customer service levels are not of high quality, this brand image will be massively damaged. Customers categorize businesses based on a number of things and one of the most basic is the customer service levels they receive from them.

How many times have you discussed with your family or friends about a business which exceeded your expectations with the way they treated you? Didn’t you categorise this business to your top choices? Wouldn’t you recommend this business to other people, feeling confident enough that they will receive quality customer service like you before?

Be sure that if it happened to you, it has happened to other people as well. They all feel that this brand is top of the game and belongs to the “Favourites” category.

And that’s where you need to be in all your customers’ minds when they think of your brand.

5. Staff turnover falls dramatically

This is a chained reaction and goes like this: to offer high quality customer service, you need to train your employees to the best possible level, so they are able to offer it to your customers.

When your employees receive the right training, this results in their personal development and personal success. When they see that the company that they work for is willing to invest in their personal development and success, they feel that the company truly cares for them. When they feel like this, they are definitely not willing to leave your business.

When you retain the top talent in your business, the benefits are enormous.

From the customer service side, they will offer top level services to your customers at all times, as they are trained to do so and they are also highly motivated to work to their maximum of their capabilities for a company that truly cares for them. As you understand, the final result is more profits for you and your business.

Never forget that it’s very expensive to change staff. Think about an experienced high performing employee you have, who has been in your business for 2 years.

If you lose this member of staff, you will need to start the whole recruitment process to replace them.

This involves preparing and posting job adverts, waiting for applications, shortlist the right candidates, go through the interview process, offer the job to the “right” candidate (you are never sure if they are actually the right one until proven in the future), maybe wait for them to work their notice to their current employer, start training them after they start with you by using existing members of staff for this task, give them time to adjust themselves to the new working environment and learn the new expectations of their role.

If you are lucky enough and after all this long process, the person you chose is actually the right candidate, think how long it will take them to reach the level of the experienced high performing employee you lost.

Best case scenario, it will take a number of months. This will cost loads of money, time and it’s quite risky.

Invest to your high performing staff, offer them higher salaries, bonuses and personal development opportunities. Retain them to your business; it costs less and your profits will be always increasing.


Offering high quality customer service is the only way to be at the top of the game.

This must be the only reason for your business’ existence.

Do not compromise it for anything if you can, your customers will know if you do.